tan backpack against a pink backdrop and white brick wall. sunglasses, passports, makeup all sitting next to the backpack to show what to pack

How to pack the PERFECT carry on bag!

Never know what to pack in your carry on luggage? This is what we always pack so that if our suitcase was lost in transit, then we know we can last a few days until it turns up.

Refillable water bottle
Travel size bottles filled with moisturiser & sunscreen that can be used on face and body
Chewing Gum
Scarf - because planes can get so cold
Pen - seriously the amount of times I wished I had a pen on me!
Cosmetic case with your makeup & toiletries
Socks - compression socks are ideal
Travel pillow
Sleep mask so you can block out the light when having a nap!
Phone charger
Change of clothes - usually something not too bulky like a dress
Jacket - I would normally wear this on the plane but its a good reminder to have one with you
Spare change of underwear!
Sanitiser, disinfectant wipes & mask
And obviously things like your mobile, ID, bank cards - which can all fit in your travel wallet/bag

Hopefully this helps you on your next trip!

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