My favourite tips for travelling with your Cosmetics

My favourite tips for travelling with your Cosmetics

Remember when Ross from Friends “rightfully” took everything from his hotel and then ended up having the shampoo and moisturiser explode all over his belongings? Same. It was pivotal (see what I did there – another Friends reference 😉). If only Ross was using our Fill Me Up Travel Bottles to help avoid this disaster!

 ross from friends realising his shampoo has spilt all through his suitcase


Here are a few of my favourite tips to use when travelling with your cosmetics!

Separate and Organise

Depending on the size of your trip, I often take 2 cosmetic cases. One for “dry” products and one for “wet” products.

I will pop all of my “dry products” - makeup, makeup brushes, mascara, eyeshadow into our Take Me Away Cosmetic Case and then all of my “wet products” – shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, cleanser, body wash etc into our Bits & Pieces Cosmetic Case. I find this helps keep my products nicely organised and if I do forget to secure anything, my eyeshadow (that I wear once every 6 months but continue to travel everywhere with it), won’t be damaged. 

(Remember to keep in mind any liquid restrictions when travelling and always check with your airline or travel agent how much liquid you are allowed on your flight).

Always take the basics in your Carry-on Luggage

Trust me!! When your bag is lost and you don’t have your moisturiser or cleanser – you AND your skin will thank me! Plus its always so nice to be able to wash your face during the flight (anyone flown to Europe lately – why does that flight feel like it lasts 2749 days?)

Don’t follow the rules!

Who says you have to sit your travel bottles up the right way. If you are super worried about leaks, pop them in your cosmetic case upside down. Try to remember to unpack them when you arrive to help the liquid run back into the lid but no stress if you don’t, our squishy silicone bottles are easy to push the liquid down again. Ready to wash that beautiful face of yours! 

Hair tools & products

First things on my packing list are ALWAYS – straightener, curler AND blow wave brush! My god do they take up some room though! There are sooo many products out there now that let you swap the “head” and make it easier to travel. Have a quick google to see which products let you change half of it from a curler into a straightener. Also, holiday hair is always such a vibe.

Escaping Aussie Winter for an entire European Summer?

Save some room in your luggage and buy the products you know you can get away with over there! My face cant handle the slightest change in wind without breaking out but my body – she can handle fake tan made from tar. So I know when I travel I can buy body wash overseas to save on a little space.

Still worried about your old school travel bottles leaking? Haven’t had a chance to upgrade to our travel bottles yet? No worries, just pop some cling wrap over the lid of your travel bottle and then screw the lid on. This is a great back up if you do have some bottles that tend to get a lil leaky.

Hope this helps with your next adventure!

And remember – when things go wrong on your travels, it always makes some bloody great stories later.

Forever travelling,

Sarah xo


black cosmetic case on a bed filled with travel products

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