pink cosmetic case on a white background with cosmetics displayed around it

Which Cosmetic Case is for you?

Can't decide which of our best-selling cosmetic cases to use for your next trip? Let us help with your decision!

Bits & Pieces Cosmetic Case is perfect for –

  • Longer holidays away
  • Camping/glamping
  • Road trips
  • Trips when you are short on space
  • Trips when you may need to share your cosmetic case with your significant other
  • Perfect for hanging up on the towel rail or the back of the door

Take Me Away Cosmetic Case is perfect for –

  • A weekend away with your friends or partner
  • When you stay with your family at Christmas
  • When you have a lot of makeup and brushes to take on your trip
  • You need something really sturdy to protect your cosmetics
  • When you want to have your products displayed beautifully in the bathroom

Both of our cosmetic cases have so many perks and I am sure you will love either one that you choose!

If you have any questions about which one to choose, feel free to email and we will happily help!


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