Tips to Get Through Airport Security Smoothly

Tips to Get Through Airport Security Smoothly

Picture this: you're packed and ready for your next adventure. You've pre-checked in online and just dropped your bag off (it was under the weight limit!). Now, you reach the final challenge – the airport security line. You see the maze of people queuing up: kids swinging on poles, young couples holding hands, and frustrated-looking people in suits. At the conveyor, someone is arguing with the security guard about their 300mL lotion bottle, and on the other side, you watch as someone else fumbles around, taking off what seems like every piece of jewellery they own.

Nothing kills the pre-holiday excitement quicker than the dread of going through airport security. It’s a part of life – or is it? There are, in fact, ways to make airport security go much more smoothly for yourself. Check out our tips to make getting through the airport a breeze!

Tip #1: Research the airport security rules that apply if travelling internationally

Ensure you're meeting not just your specific airline's guidelines but the airport itself. There may be limits on things you can bring onto the plane with you. For example, many airports don't allow any liquids over 100mL to travel in carry-on luggage, including water bottles. However, bringing an empty bottle through security to fill up from a tap in the airport lounge is perfectly acceptable and will save you from paying $8 for a bottle of water in the airport lounge!

Moreover, some airports only allow liquids to be in transparent bottles. Depending on where you are travelling, you may not be allowed to bring a cigarette lighter, scissors or aerosol bottles into the airport. These are just some examples, but it shows just how important it is to research the airport security rules in advance.

Tip #2: Remove your belt, watch and jewellery before approaching the airport security line

Aside from the fact that wearing a belt on a plane sounds highly uncomfortable, it will hold you up at security when you need to remove it. In addition, metal jewellery, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and watches, are likely to set off the metal detector, so it's best to store these safely in your carry-on luggage before approaching security. Our Bits and Pieces Cosmetic Case is a great size for your carry-on luggage and features plenty of compartments that make it easy to safely store your jewellery when travelling.

In addition, be conscious of your choice of footwear when going through airport security – sandals with lots of buckles or (heaven-forbid) steel-toed boots are common offenders when it comes to setting off the metal detectors.

Tip #3: Strategically pack your carry-on luggage

Strategic packing is something of an art form, but when done right, it can massively speed up your airport security experience. Choose carry-on luggage that is easy to organise so you can easily reach your laptop, toiletries, cosmetics and anything else you might need to remove at airport security. In addition, ensure you've packed your carry-on according to airport guidelines. As mentioned in Tip #1, this may vary depending on what country you're in and whether you're flying domestic or international.

You should also keep things like your ID and travel documents accessible, so you can quickly retrieve them if needed. As a bonus, you’ll avoid the anxiety of not remembering which pocket you’ve stuffed your passport into!

Tip #4: Weigh your bags before getting to the airport

This one is less airport security-specific, but I thought it was important to throw in because an overweight bag can slow you down and cause some serious stress at the airport. Weight limits can be a tricky thing to navigate when travelling, so it’s essential to be aware of your weight limits ahead of time. The included limit for checked and carry-on luggage often varies from airline-to-airline, so remember to ensure you meet the requirements for all airlines you plan on travelling with during your trip.

In particular, if you have a self-transfer at any point and will be flying with a different airline, ensure their weight limit isn’t different from the airline you started your trip with. This will help to avoid being stung with high excess baggage charges in the middle of your travels. Don’t forget that bus and ferry companies might also have weight limits for your baggage!

The bottom line is to ensure your bags meet the weight requirements for the entirety of your travels. A luggage scale is an easy way to check the weight of your bags at home to avoid any nasty surprises at the airport. As a bonus, they are small, lightweight and portable, so you can double-check your bag weight before the return leg of your trip too!

Tip #5: Choose the security line that has travellers dressed in business attire

This is a bit of a sneaky one, but it’s a well-loved hack by many travellers the world-over! Of course, stereotypes are not always accurate, but let’s be honest - business attire isn't exactly the most comfortable to wear on a plane. It’s generally pretty safe to assume that people dressed for work are travelling for work. These people are usually frequent travellers, so they know the drill for smooth and quick transit through the airport. By choosing the security line with the most travellers dressed for business, you'll be able to take advantage of their airport efficiency and enjoy a quicker transit through airport security.

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