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Travel Essentials for an Amazing Post-Pandemic Holiday

Travel is finally opening back up on both the national and international scale, and if you’re anything like us, you’re already online planning your first holiday. It’s been a tough couple of years for us travel-lovers and we’re getting excited for all the adventures to come. You’ve got your travel buddy on board, picked the perfect location and booked your airfare. Now it’s time to get those travel essentials ready! Here are our top travel essentials for your next adventure.

Travel Backpack

Let’s start simple – a backpack! Every organised traveller knows it’s important to keep your travel essentials together in one place. Whether it be as a carry-on on the plane or a carry-all around your destination, backpacks are the best and most convenient way to keep everything you need right at your fingertips. Midnight Crusade’s Behind it All backpack is the best travel backpack. It’s your ultimate tool to keep it all behind your back (see what we did there) when it comes to travels near and far.

Our backpacks are made from a durable, cruelty free leather, so they’re ready for whatever your trip throws at you! It’s sleek, stylish and features a large main pocket. This travel essential also harbors a dedicated space for your water bottle and an internal laptop/tablet sleeve. There is ample storage space for all your belongings in the internal compartments. The front pocket also features a Velcro section to keep those small things in place, and there is a hidden back pocket for your passport/ID.

The luggage handle on the back will help you to secure your backpack to your suitcase. This really makes it the perfect traveller’s backpack by keeping everything accessible and in-sight when you’re racing through the airport. The Behind it All backpack comes in three timeless colours - Black, Tan and Beige – to help all your travels look as good as they feel!

Packing Cubes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pack-everything-just-in-case traveller or an absolute minimalist. Packing cubes are one of our top travel essentials for everyone, no matter where your trip is taking you. We’ve all been there – sat in a hostel or hotel room pulling everything out of a suitcase trying to find that thing that you know you packed, but just can’t seem to find. Packing cubes will save you from these situations by helping you stay organised on your travels. You can group outfits together, or maybe you want to keep all your tops and bottoms separated from each other.

With packing cubes you can make sure your clean undies are easy to find. Or, you can bundle up that big winter jumper into the smallest possible package to store it away until you need it. Keeping organised while travelling can massively minimise your stress levels, not to mention cutting back on time wasted searching through your suitcase. That leaves more time to get out and get exploring! Our Let Me Take More packing cubes feature six soft nylon pouches perfect for organising your suitcase or backpack.

There are three colours to choose from - keep it sleek in Black, liven up your suitcase in Pink or travel professionally in Blue. Plus, they are machine washable, ready to accompany you on all of your travels for many years to come – points for environmentalism. Shop our Let Me Take More packing cubes here.  

Sleep Mask

It’s been a while since we last travelled, so to ease back into it we definitely want to be as comfortable and well-rested as possible. As travellers, we often compromise our length and quality of sleep. This could be for a number of reasons - time difference and jet-lag can often have us sleeping at odd hours, or maybe we’re joined by an early rising hostel roommate.

Sure, the plane lights will be turned down mid-journey. But this doesn’t help your tired eyes when faced with the glow of in-flight entertainment screens or your seat neighbour leaving their reading light on All. Flight. Long. Occasionally an airline will include an eye mask on their in-flight pack, which in theory is a great idea. Unfortunately these are usually cheaply made, uncomfortable or irritating on the skin, and end up letting in the light anyway. It’s a burden travel-lovers bear for the thrill of adventure, but it doesn’t have to be!

Made from high-quality, soft, cruelty-free satin, Midnight Crusade sleep masks are like a cuddle for your eyes. The material is breathable and light-weight with embedded edges to prevent any and all light from getting in. It also features a super comfortable stretchy band, completely wrapped in satin to prevent it from snagging on your hair. One of our top travel essentials, these sleep masks are not only perfect for curbing your travel-sleep woes. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life that appreciates their beauty sleep. Available in Black, Navy Blue, Deep Purple and Light Pink, so there’s something for everyone. Bonus - the soft satin fabric prevents you from waking up with those dreaded sleep lines, and it’s great for your skin and hair.

The Science of the Sleep Mask

Did you know? Studies show that sleep quality has a positive effect on the tourist experience. By sacrificing our sleep, we could be sacrificing our experience! This next travel essential is an absolute game-changer when it comes to getting a good sleep - whether you’re fighting jetlag at your destination or on a bumpy long-distance bus ride!

Luggage Tag

After a long flight, it can seem like the baggage carousel is spitting out an endless parade of almost-identical suitcases. A simple way to take the edge off your tired eyes is to make your bag stand out with a luggage tag. This underrated travel essential is fantastic to help you to keep track of your bag if you’re in a crowded place. Adding your contact info to an easily identifiable spot outside of the bag is a great step to feel just that bit more organised. Not to mention, it’s the easiest way to help reunite you with your property in case of an accidental misplacement – it happens to the best of us!

Our Be There Luggage Tags in Aqua or Pink are a great way to help your bag stand out among the masses. Maybe brightly coloured accessories aren’t your taste, or you’d prefer to keep your contact info available in a more subtle style. For you, our tags are also available in classy Beige or timeless Black. This is another great gift idea for the travel-lover in your life, as a little something to wish them well on their next journey.

Luggage Scale

We’ve all been there – got a bit excited and gone a little too hard on the souvenir shopping. Nobody wants to be that guy unpacking and re-packing their bag at the airport check-in desk. Avoid embarrassment and extra baggage fees at the airport with a simple yet effective luggage scale. If this hasn’t been on your list of travel essentials before, you don’t want to skip it now.

Midnight Crusade’s Pack it All Luggage Scales come in vibrant Blue or Pink to make it easy to find in your bag! This luggage scale includes one battery required to operate it. The button allows you to weigh your luggage in kilograms or pounds, making it the perfect tool no matter where in the world you are. No need to mess around with mass unit conversions!

Post-Pandemic World Essentials

Let’s wrap this up with a few bag fillers! In this new post-pandemic world, it’s more important than ever to remember to stay safe and healthy when travelling. Here are a few things that we think are essential for future travels:

Face Mask

Before March 2020, a face mask was never something I would have thought I’d need to take travelling! I would recommend taking a minimum of two face masks, to make sure you can wash them between uses and give them time to dry out over a day.

Hand Sanitiser

Sometimes when travelling, we don’t have the option to wash our hands. It’s important to keep hand sanitiser on hand for those times, to help eliminate bacteria and keep you safe and healthy. Our Fill Me Up Travel Bottles are a great way to store your hand sanitiser when travelling. With a secure lid to stop any spills, there’s no worries that a pump may leak product into your luggage. These come in a set of four, so you can also bring along your favourite hand cream to keep that skin hydrated! They’re also the perfect size for carry-on luggage.

Water Bottle

This has always been an essential of mine, but I’d say it’s more important now than ever to have access to your own clean and safe drinking vessel. You can usually find drinking water taps in airports, bus stations. If you’re ever stuck a lot of restaurants will fill it up for you too!

New adventures have been a long time coming, and we’re so excited to start our holiday planning. If you’re getting pumped up for your next trip, be sure to check out any of our Midnight Crusade travel essentials. You can click the links above, or visit our shop here. We hope you all stay safe and enjoy your travels! 


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