Meet Midnight Crusade

photo of the business owner standing against a pink garage door with a pink dress and pink cosmetic case
Thanks so much for stopping by Midnight Crusade!
Just like you, I am OBSESSED with travel.
I started Midnight Crusade in 2019 as I kept struggling to find cruelty free, quality travel accessories & luggage that felt nice, was functional & also available in bright & fun colours. And I knew I wasn't alone in this search.
After quite a bit of trial & error, designing, sampling, re-designing & testing the products every day to make sure they didn't wear out too quickly - Midnight Crusade was born.
My aim is to create a "one stop shop" that has products to cover all of your travel needs. From passport wallets to travel bottles, backpacks & duffle bags - I have so many designs & fun ideas & can't wait to show them to you over the coming months.
If you have any questions about our travel accessories, feel free to reach out. I am always happy to chat with you.
female standing against a green garden with a black backpack and bright yellow sunflowers